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A Journey to Big Data: From Hype to Reality

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Data İstanbul'un bu hafta Datameer Ortadoğu ve Avrupa Stratejik İşbirliği Direktörü Ian Dwyer'i konuk edecektir. Kendisi ile büyük veri dönüşümünü konuşacağız. Etkinlik İngilizce olacaktır.


  • Ian Dwyer
    Ortadoğu ve Avrupa Stratejik İşbirliği Direktörü

Etkinlik İçeriği

We often find companies continue to struggle to turn data into a valuable asset for the business. The growing complexities and volumes of data put a strain on IT resources, while the business is unable to get access to data for decision-making. The longer it takes to get the data into the hands of the business, the less valuable it becomes.

When the cycles for creating business-ready data remain long, business teams are unable to explore new, digital-age questions to drive innovation. Market leaders, whether born digital or digital visionaries, have understood the power of data to reimagine their market, customers, and products.

We will talk about the DB transitions from hierarchical day to relational data to enterprise no sql data, the front end of analytics changes with Big Data, and the advent of Big Data’s batch File servers and the need for a conduit between big data storage to Bi reports.

The event will be in English.