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Software Engineering Manager & Technical Product Manager Hiring Tournament

Ücretsiz Etkinlik

We're coming to Istanbul for a massive hiring tournament to hire senior technical managers in Software industry for US software enterprises. Crossover is an Austin TX based HR and Technology company finding top 1% of talent around the world and introducing them to US software enterprises. Company also has a technology enabling full time remote working from where ever you live.

Etkinlik İçeriği

At the end of this full-day event, with a transparent, gamified and competitive process, we're going to find best-of-the-best and deliver $100K/year valued full time job offers instantly in the place. Also we're going to pay $5000 in cash to the champion of our tournament.

This gamified concept tested by Crossover in Moscow, Cluj-Napoca, Krakow and Lviv before and we could hire 73 amazing senior software developers from Eastern Europe.

Tournament will be limited to seniors who have 10+ years of experience only, if you're looking for competition with top guys in the market and want to test yourself, just register using the green button on top!

Which positions we're hiring for?

Event Schedule:

1) Welcoming - Accreditation 09:00
2) 1. Round - Basic Tests
3) Coffee Break - Lots of Snacks
4) 2. Round - Project Assignments
5) Coffee Break - Lots of Snacks
6) 3. Round - Technical Interviews
7) Winner Announcements, Offer Delivery

What is Crossover [Turkish Content]?

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Meet our Country GM Sinan Ata: