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TEB- BNP Paribas International Hackathon

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Great competition, in 10 cities at the same time!

This is the 3rd edition of BNP Parisbas International Hackathontaking place in 10 cities at the same time.
4 exciting stages:
  1. A hothouse of innovation during the Hackathon weekend
  2. A co-working phase with internal experts and mentors. The most promising solutions will be selected for the Demo day
  3. A Demo Day, live in Paris, where selected startups will present their solutions in front of BNP Paribas top management, culminating in the selection of a few winners.
  4. An implementation phase where the best solutions will be incorporated into BNP Paribas.

Etkinlik İçeriği

Benefits for the startups:
  • Co-creation with bank experts
  • Access to anonymized banking data
  • Cash prize for the weekend winners
  • Travel bursary to go to Paris to participate in the Demo Day for selected startups
  • Opportunity to implement the selected solutions in BNP Paribas environment
  • Cash prize for the Demo Day finalists

Teams will work around 5 challenges:

Challenge 1
Digitalization of customer’s transaction, approval and order structure
#Paperless #GoGreen

Challenge 2
Moving financial and non-financial services in a digital platform
#DigitalConsultancy #RoboAdvisory

Challenge 3
Smart solutions touching our customers for customer authentication and cyber-security applications
#Authentication #CyberSecurity

Challenge 4
Tracing cash flow and forecasting with minimum data entry by taking the company’s real-time transactions in all banks
#AccountAggregation #CashFlowForecasting

Challenge 5
Digital solutions for increasing insurance sales

You can find also the English version through the international website here.

Questions in Turkish? Mail nesen@stage-co.com.

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